About Five Star Jerky

Five Star Jerky is a proud producer of premium beef and bacon jerky. We take our inspiration from the high quality and superiority of luxury super cars. Just like the high quality of a luxury vehicle, our jerky is made with only the finest meat and ingredients for a delicious and easy snack to grab and go.

Snacks For The Fast Lifestyle

Our jerky provides a high-protein snack that will power your body in a dynamic way. It’s a tasty, quality, and quick way to fuel your body, satiate your hunger, and go wherever you go. Five Star Jerky is the engine driving all of your snacking needs. Made 100% in the USA, Five Star Jerky is also Halal certified. From beef to bacon, from our Signature Wagyu to our Halal jerky, Five Star provides nothing but the best protein snacks that’s made for go.